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Mediplast supports social community program

We want to take responsibility and do what we can to ensure that young people stay on the right track and get a fair chance in life.

Since October 2022, Mediplast supports Malmö Redhawks' (local ice hockey team in Malmö, Sweden) social community program called Mötesplatsen. Together with Fryshyset, Malmö Redhawks are inviting young people to Malmö Arena every week to conduct physical training sessions and discussion forums.

The feeling of belonging, that you play an important role and can contribute with something are important pillars to stay on the right track and we believe team sports of all sorts is a good platform for this.

Donation to the Embassy of Ukraine

To support the people of Ukraine through this disastrous time Mediplast, together with AddLife and sister companies donated critical medical supply to the Embassy of Ukraine's Humanitarian Aid Hub in Poland.

Our environmental targets

Our amibition is to be a responsible producer and distributor, a responsible employer as well as a responsible market participant. To achieve our objectives and ambitions, our starting point is the UN's 17 global goals according to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to:

  • comply with applicable laws, regulations and obligations

  • increase knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among all employees

  • influence, make demands and collaborate with other companies, suppliers, authorities and organizations

  • see environmental measures as investments

  • constantly strive to improve the utilization of our resources within the company

Environmental Objectives

On top of following the UN's global goals, Mediplast also follows three internal environmental objectives:

  1. Decrease the environmental impact from transports of manufacutred devices

  2. Decrease the environmental impact from company cars

  3. Increase awareness of environmental impact at Mediplast's contract manufacturers and suppliers