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Mediplast is a part of the AddLife Group, who offers a variety of courses within sales, leadership, negotiation skills, public procurement, presentations skills, digital customer meetings and vision & corporate philosophy.


As a distributing company in the Medtech field, Mediplast strives for success together with our suppliers in growing the business together. This to make sure we are a valuable partner and a better choice than going direct or choosing another distributor. One of our absolutely most important goals in the commercial field is to be successful in organic growth, making sure we constantly grow our business year after year.

The Mediplast sales training aims to support our growth and make sure that we have a structured and common process of approaching the customers in all our markets. We are confident that this will be helpful for all of us creating a professional approach in daily sales operations but also when planning new activities, sharing ideas and success between teams.

The training is based upon well-established sales concepts and feedback from sales teams in all the Mediplast countries has been taken into account when creating the program.


Meet Päivi Heikkonen-Borsody

Start of journey

My career at Mediplast dates back to 2018 when I moved back to Finland after living overseas where I worked in the medical device industry for over 20 years. I was passionate about finding a position with a company where my experience and skill set could be utilized and where I was also presented with new challenges.  One spring day in 2018 my phone rang, I received an invitation to an interview at Mediplast, and here I am.

From Project Management to Inside Sales

During my first year, I was doing project management and working mostly with QMS related topics in Finland at Mediplast Fenno. This was a great way to get accustomed to the organization, to learn the products, and build the relationships with various cross functional teams. 

My second year took me from an office based position into a sales role. I had previous product management experience in neurosurgery, so when a Product Specialist role in Finland opened up in this area, I gladly accepted it.  The position entailed presenting cutting-edge technologies to Finnish hospitals and educating healthcare professionals on the devices that could benefit the clinical outcomes of their patients. 

Today's role in Product Management

After excelling for three years in a fast-paced medical sales environment, I received an opportunity to join the Product Management team at the company headquarters. An International Product Manager position has been a dream come true and I am so grateful that the company believed in me and gave me these opportunities to advance.  I get to work with fantastic and supportive colleagues and world class suppliers with innovative technologies for neurosurgical devices and implants, surgical instruments and oncology products. 

Together we continue to present the health care professionals with solutions that allow them to improve the quality of their patients’ lives.